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GHI Greg’s Home Inspections, LLC   {Sample}

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Germantown, MD 20875

Office 301-728-6032

1.      Scope of Inspection: The scope of this home inspection is limited to a visual inspection of the MAJOR SYSTEMS, components and equipment of the premises. It is a non evasive inspection of the property. The MAJOR SYSTEMS include the structure, plumbing, heating, electrical, interior,exterior, kitchen, basement and foundation. Latent defects are not included. Bured sewer lines, water and electrical service and grease traps are not  included. Termite, rodent or pest inspection are also not include. The inspector may provide an opinion as to possible cost of repairs but I the ownerwill not place any reliance as to the cost of repair. I accept the responsibility to obtain an estimate from a licensed qualified contractor andto have the work performed by a licensed qualified contractor.

2.      Risk Assessment: I understand that the visual inspection surveys are based on a readily accessible property and visible symptoms, clues or telltale and as such cannot completely and accurately assess risk, detect all flaws nor predict all occurrences or outcomes. I can not make assurances and is limited to the timeof inspection. The inspection is limited to weather conditions at the time of the survey and will not find all problems due to adverse weather such as roofleaks, wet basements and drainage issues etc when clues are not present. The  inspector will  visually inspect the roof from the ground. Visual inspection of crawl spaces and areas that may difficultto access are limited to the physical ability of the inspector to enter theseareas without presenting harm or phsycal damage to the property. Limitations or unsafe conditions will be reported as such.


3.      Sampling of Items: During the course of the inspection a sampling of certain items are randomly sampled or checked during the course of the inspection. They include items such as interior doors, electrical receptacles, lights switches etc. We do not check security systems, intercoms,phone, cable or solar systems. We do not check water or air quality, Septic & well systems are also not part of the inspection. If further evaluation is needed by a specialist we can arrange these types of inspections however GHI Greg’s Home Inspections accepts no responsibility of the Sub Contractor in the opinions or any work performed, hired by us on your behalf.


4.      Participation: We encourage the active participation and physical presence in the on site inspection and I accept all responsibility for incomplete information due to non participation of the inspection. I also understand that I participate at my own risk and the report that is generated is an encapsulation and is not a substitute for the service performed. I will be responsible for any children who accompany the inspection.


5.      Hidden Damages & Conditions: We will not perform destructive or disruptive testing or assessments. Piles of debris, wood or other items inside or outside the premises will not moved or disturbed. Bushes and landscaping will also not be moved or disturbed. We will not lift carpets ,remove paneling, ceiling panels, insulation, furniture, appliances. Air conditioning will not be tested during weather under 60 degrees. Any cosmetic deficiencies are considered as obvious and generally are not listed or reported.


6.      Pre Closing: I accept that this survey is no substitution for a pre closing walk thru for which I am responsible since damages may have occurred, major systems may have failed and previously unseen symptoms or clues may have appeared from the time of this inspection and my acceptance of the property. The visual inspection describes conditions at the time of inspection and will not identify potential defects that may occur in the future.


GHI Greg’s Home Inspections, LLC will conduct a REINSPECTION to verify repairs, to re-inspect uncovered conditions at a rate of $175.00 per hour. Please contact Greg at 301-728-6032 to arrange this REINSPECTION.


7.      Limitations of Inspection, it is not a warranty:  This inspection is not a warranty of either structural or mechanical, appliance or equipment. There maybe insurance programs available and those options should be explored and discussed with your real estate agent.

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8.      We reserve the right to amend, edit or correct the report within 24 hours after we complete the inspection due  to unforeseen events, or at the request of the buyer or agent for additional information or clarity. Some cosmetic or maintenance issues may not be included in the report. This is not a inspection for code compliance nor is it a inspection for cosmetic issues of normal wear and tear, however the main focus of this inspection is on informing you the buyer of mechanical defects and safety issues as it relates to the real estate contract.


9.      If emailing the inspection report it will be your responsibility to check the email for the report, please be aware depending on your security settings the report may be in your email, spam or junk folder. The Home Inspection Report, Summary, and additional inspection and testing reports such as Radon, Termite, Chimney and Water, etc. will be sent separately. If you do not receive a report it will be your responsibility to contact GHI Greg’s Home Inspection services to get another copy.


       Client will notify the inspector within 30 days after the inspection, if the client has reason to believe that the  inspection was not properly performed or that the inspector failed to disclose any mechanical defect. It may be necessary to perform emergency repairs, the client should allow inspection of mechanical defect by the inspector prior to those repairs and allow the inspector copies of the repair orders and receipts. The inspector will re-inspect item(s) at issue, take photographs. The client has agreed to waive the right to seek damages against the inspector and all disputes with regards to the inspection agreement will be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance to the rules of the American Arbitration Association.   


  1. Please be advised that additional service are available to you from this inspector including Mold testing, Air Quality testing, Radon, (Water & Septic, Pool (if applicable)) , termite as well as other specialized services that may require additional paperwork and fees and may be recommended during the course of this inspection. These services are typically are ordered in advance, but can be added prior to or during the course of the inspection. If an additional test or inspection is recommended by the inspector and is not elected by the customer (you), GHI Greg’s Home Inspections LLC will not be responsible for your decision. GHI may or may not request you to sign a waiver declining the recommended service.


  1. All photos taken during and from the inspection are the property of GHI Greg’s Home Inspections, LLC and may be used for marketing, educational and other purposes without permission or compensation. A $35 return check fee will be added for NSF returned checks.

I have read and agree to the terms of the inspection agreement to be performed by GHI Greg’s Home Inspections, LLC.

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Inspector: Gregory Hoffmaster ________________________________________________

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Additional Services   Add Termite (   )   Add Radon (   )   Mold (   ) Air Quality (   )                           $

Total Due                                                                                                                                                             $


I have read and agree to the terms of the inspection agreement to be performed by GHI Greg’s Home Inspections, LLC .


Address of Inspected Property: 

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Inspector: Gregory Hoffmaster________________________________________________