What to Expect

I will inspect:

• the service drop/lateral;
• the meter socket enclosures;
• the means for disconnecting the service main;
• and describe the service disconnect amperage rating,
if labeled;
• the panel boards and over-current devices (breakers and fuses);
• the service grounding and bonding;
• a representative number of switches, lighting fixtures and receptacles, including receptacles viewed and deemed to be AFC I-protected;
• and test all GFCI receptacles and circuit breakers observed and deemed to be GFC is;
• service entrance conductors and conductor insulation;
• for the general absence of smoke or carbon monoxide detectors; and
• service entrance cables.
I will report on:
• any unused circuit breaker panel openings that are not filled;
• the presence of solid conductor aluminum branch circuit wiring, if readily visible;
• any tested receptacles in which power was not present, the polarity was incorrect, the receptacle was not grounded or secured to the wall, the cover was not in place, the GFCI devices were not properly installed or did not operate properly, and evidence of arcing or excessive heat; and
• any deficiencies in the integrity of the insulation, drip loop, or separation of conductors at weather heads and clearances from grade or rooftops, as they may require repair.

Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure
I will inspect:

• the foundation;
• the basement;
• the crawlspace;
• and report observed indications of active water penetration;
• for wood in contact with or near soil;
• and report observed indications of possible foundation movement, such as sheet rock cracks, brick cracks, out-of­-square door frames, and unlevel floors;
• and report on any observed cutting, notching and boring of framing members that may present a structural or safety concern.

Doors, Windows & Interior
I will inspect:

• a representative number of doors and windows by opening and closing them;
• the walls, ceilings, steps, stairways and railings;
• and report as in need of repair any improper spacing between intermediate balusters, spindles and rails for steps, stairways and railings;
• the garage doors and garage door openers’ operation using the installed automatic door control;
• and report as improper any photo-electric safety sensor

that fails to respond adequately to testing;

• and report as in need of repair any door locks or side ropes that have not been removed or disabled when the garage door opener is in use;
• and report as in need of repair any windows that are obviously fogged or display other evidence of broken seals.

Heating & Cooling
I will inspect:
• the heating system, using normal operating controls, and describe the energy source and heating method;
• and report as in need of repair a heating system that does not operate;
• and report if the heating system is deemed inaccessible; and
• the central cooling equipment, using normal operating controls.

Attic, Ventilation & Insulation
I will inspect:
• the insulation in unfinished spaces;
• for the presence of attic ventilation;
• mechanical ventilation systems;
• and report on the general absence or lack of insulation or ventilation in unfinished spaces.

I will inspect:

• determine and report whether the water supply is public or private;
• verify the presence and identify the location 􀂍f the main water shut-off valve;
• inspect the water heating equipment, including venting connections, energy-source supply system, and seismic bracing, and verify the presence or absence of temperature-/pressure-relief valves and/or 210 valves;
• inspect all toilets for proper operation by flushing them;
• inspect all sinks, tubs and showers for functional drainage;
• inspect the interior water supply, including fixtures and faucets, by running the water;
• inspect the drain, waste and vent systems;
• describe any observed fuel-storage systems;
• inspect the drainage sump pumps, and operate pumps with accessible floats;
• inspect and describe the location of the main water supply and main fuel shut-off valves;
• inspect and report as in need of repair deficiencies in the water supply by viewing the functional flow in two fixtures operated simultaneously;
• inspect and report as in need of repair deficiencies in installation of the hot and cold water faucets;
• inspect and report as in need of repair any mechanical drain stops that are missing or do not operate if installed in sinks, lavatories and tubs; and
• inspect and report any evidence that toilets are: damaged, have loose connections to the floor, leak, or have tank components that do not operate.

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